Roundnet SM 2022

August 20-21st 2022, Finland, Tampere, Koivistonkylän kenttä, Nirvankatu 14

It’s time for the biggest ever tournament in Finland! This two-day tournament will be both Finnish Nationals (that’s what Roundnet SM means) AND a chance for players of all nationalities to earn the desired Spikeball Tour Series Premier status, which will be awarded for top 3 non-premier finishers (Men’s division only).

What is SAO and a premier status?
SAOs are Spikeball’s partner organizations and Roundnet Finland is one of them. Premier is a status that can be achieved only in Spikeball Tour Series stops or SAO’s Premier Qualifiers. The premier status is seen as a sign of supreme skill and competetiveness. Most Spikeball Tour Series tournaments have a Premier-division where you can only participate if you have the premier status.

Premier has been previously achievable only in the US but in 2022 it’s finally possible in Europe as well!

Tournament schedule:

Saturday: Group stage
Sunday: Bracket stage
Sunday: Finnish Nationals – finals  (will not be played if top 3 finishers of the bracket stage are all Finnish teams. Only Finnish teams can participate.)


 – Men’s (3.0-4.5, Intermediate/Advanced/Contender)
– Women’s

Event information

Where: Finland, Tampere, Koivistonkylän kenttä, Nirvankatu 14 (Artificial Grass)
When: August 20th-21st 2022
Cost: 50€/team
Organizer: Roundnet Finland (Suomen Roundnetyhdistys ry) in co-operation with Roundnet Tampere
Rules: IRF rules. No Hit Zone will be used in all divisions.
Ranking: Tournament will earn finnish players finnish ranking points. Top 3 non-premier players (regardless of nationality) will earn STS Premier status.
Registration: Registration will be open from June 17th until August 14th 11:59 PM (GMT+3). Registration will be done through event page on You will find the button to the Fwango event below.
Paying and canceling: Tournament participation fee will be done through fwango when registrating for the tournament. You can cancel your registration free of charge when the registration is open. We will not return the payment for cancellations after the registation has closed.

Ask more:
@roundnetfinland (Instagram)


Services and dining

Field equipment: 

The toilets, showers and changing rooms found next to the full-size football field (artificial turf) are fully available for the tournament, and we encourage you to use these facilities for luggage storage as well. There is also a Roundnet Finland event tent in the tournament area, which we kindly ask you to leave to the tournament organizers. 


Lunch at the tournament area will be provided by the Iron Pig Food -food truck, which will arrive at the tournament area on Saturday to only deliver the portions pre-purchased at registration ( There are no sales from the truck on Saturday. On Sunday, Iron Pig Food will arrive at the tournament venue and players have the opportunity to buy lunch, soft drinks and also their delicious fudge for the hungry sweethearts. There is also a pizzeria within walking distance and a shopping centre called Prisma Koivistonkylä, 800m away, with dining options as well.

How to get there?

1. Flying to Tampere Airport, which is the second largest airport in Finland. There are 11 direct flights to Tampere from Europe. There are frequent bus connections from the airport to Tampere city center.

2. Flying to Helsinki Airport, the largest airport in Finland. You will find flights to Helsinki from all over the world. After arriving to Helsinki, there are convenient train and bus connections directly from the airport to Tampere.

3. Driving for example through the Baltic, Norway or Sweden, and possibly taking a ferry over the Baltic Sea.

If you have trouble finding a suitable accommodation during the tournament, please reach us via email: and we will help you find a place for you and your partner to stay!